Establish and maintain a realistic budget for your projects and prevent  unnecessary budget cost overruns. Depending on our clients’ individual needs, estimates can be prepared as broad Orders of Cost designed for speculative cost analysis or at concept design; elemental estimates from Schematic to Design Development for a more accurate cost forecast; or trade based where detailed costings are required for tender preparation or analysis, or the establishment of trade based targets.

Our services encompass the following:

  • Comparative cost advice on alternative designs, materials, systems and methods.
  • Detailed cost planning and monitoring to ensure that designs are developed within the approved budget.
  • Value engineering of design options to maximize value for money.

Our goal is to establish and meet your primary objectives and ensure the financial control and success of your projects while providing greater satisfaction with the end result, improving building quality, performance and budget and value accountability.


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We collect, analyze and utilize Geo-spatial information using state of the art technology and software to ensure quick, efficient and accurate delivery of surveying and mapping services. Our expertise covers the following areas:


Whatever your surveying needs Cahmagroup has the appropriate expertise to meet them. Using the latest technologies, we provide a complete range of surveying services – from simply using base stations for a topographical survey project, to 3D models with highly detailed site terrain data – and produce highly accurate survey results. We also carry out interior and exterior survey of buildings for both construction projects and space planning. All these are accomplished quickly and efficiently in a very timely and cost effective way.


We understand the need for accuracy and precision in construction. Be it civil sector buildings, commercial projects, housing projects, roads & sewers or piling, our highly experienced professional engineers measure and mark out a full plan of any project and allow our clients to monitor our setting out services via hard copy or digital documents, or both.


Allow us to create accurate digital models of your projects and survey inaccessible and/or hazardous areas with our quick and effective laser scanning technology.  With our Laser Scanning service we can analyze a huge amount of detail for a large area in a short amount of time, making sure your architectural, industrial design, civil engineering, plant and building projects are on time and in budget.

In addition to all the above, we consider ourselves skillful at challenging projects and gladly invite new and innovative schemes to hone our skills. Reach us on our Contact Us page for impeccable service and project delivery.